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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Web Hosting Questions

Answers to General Questions

Are there any contracts, hidden fees, etc?

There are no contracts or hidden fees here. We offer monthly or annual billing cycles for most recurring services and you can cancel whenever you like.

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

You can contact our support via email and request a copy of our latest ToS document. Any breach of our ToS exempts you from even a partial refund. A breach of our ToS that results in your account being used for illegal or malicious purposes such as sending out spam will result in the permanent deletion of your hosting account.

Answers to Web Hosting Questions

Can Trinidad Web Host host international domains?

We can host any TLD that is currently supported by ICANN. We use DNS clusters for excellent connectivity and redundancy.

Can I run a forum on your servers?

Yes, our servers support all major forum software. Some of the popular forums we support are IP Board, vBulletin, phpBB3, SMF, Kunena, etc.

Can I run ecommerce software on your servers?

Yes, our servers all major E-Commerce software.

Can you help me transfer from my old host?

All accounts include free transfer and migration assistance from your old web host. All you have to do is contact our tech support and we will assist you with the site transfer as best as we can.

Do you allow adult websites?


Can I have a casino website?

Casino websites are not allowed on any of our servers based in the USA, sorry.

Do you allow warez?

We do not allow any form of warez or illegal content on our network. You cannot store or link to any illegal content, if you do your account will be instantly terminated. Please do not try to use our network for illegal activities.

Do you offer unlimited hosting?

Every major web hosting company offers this 'Unlimited web hosting' package, so why don't we? The short answer is those "unlimited" hosts are lying to you and selling you an imaginary service that is secretly restricted in their ToS document.

Go to any computer store and ask for an unlimited hard drive, the sales clerk will either laugh at you or give you a funny look because such things do no exist in real life. Unlimited hosting is a marketing term, it lures people into buying a misleading product, thinking they will never have to worry about overages and upgrading ever again.

So, if web hosts are lying to their customers about unlimited hosting, why isn't there more complaints about this? The fact is that a typical website requires less than 100MB of web storage so those misleading web hosting companies use this fact to sell you something they know you will never be able to use and that's why the scam works. If you ever call their bluff and start uploading tons of files I can guarantee they will be ready to suspend your account the second you hit the 5GB or 10GB quota.

Does Litespeed Support GZIP Compression?

Yes, Litespeed is capable of utilizing GZIP compression to help speed up your site.

Does Litespeed Support mod_rewrite?

Yes, Litespeed is fully compatible with Apache's mod_rewrite module.

How long does it take to setup my account?

Once we receive your payment, your account will be provisioned within 24 hours. Be sure to add our domain to your safe list is your email account else our email to you may end up in your junk folder. If for any reason your service has not been provisioned after 24 hours you can contact us via phone to verify that we have your correct email address.

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PayPal Accepted Here